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Meanwhile, you must bring Hemp . . . Mr. Hempel to see us.

England had nothing whatever to do with it. But it was a very different thing in Ballarat, Mary, where my practice brought me up against all sorts of people to whom I was forced to be civil. Now, theres no such obligation. And so I decline, once and for all, to exhibit the specimen we saw to-day to our social circle. If youre absolutely bent on befriending him and I know doing good is, to you, the temptation strong drink is to others although in my opinion, my dear, youll end by OVERdoing it: youve not looked yourself for weeks past. If you must have Purdy here, kindly let it be when no one else is present, and if possible when I, too, am out of the way. What youre to say about me? Anything you like. He wont miss me so long as your friend Tilly is at hand to drink in his words. You certainly hit the bulls-eye this time, my dear, in providing her with entertainment. Purdys egregious lying was pabulum after her own heart.

Entering the house late one summer afternoon, his pockets bulged with scraps of weed and wild-flower the country people still gaped at sight of their doctor descended from his trap, a round glass in one eye, poking and prying in the hedgerows Mahony was turning these specimens out on the hall table when Mary called to him from the dining-room. Richard! A great surprise!

But with this, it seemed, she merely displayed her ignorance. For the spirit body, in manifestation, was but the ethereal shadow cast by the physical, and its perfect duplicate. Richard also went on to crush her with St. Pauls terrestrial and celestial; harangued her on the astounding knowledge of the occult possessed by the early Christians. It was no good talking. Everything she said could be turned against her.

Tch! On the verge of letting his temper get away with him, Mahony pulled up. Well, my dear . . . well, perhaps youre not altogether wrong. Ill put it even more plainly though. Mary, its because he spoke and looked like what I veritably believe him to be: an ostler in some stable. Horsey checks, dirty nails, sham brilliants; and a mind and tongue to match. No, I stick to what Ive said: Id offer him a ten-pound note to stop away.

Oh well, my dear, said Mahony darkly, Im an old man now, and you wont be troubled with me much longer. When Im gone youll be able to do just as you please.

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The end of September brought day after day of soft, steamy mists, which saturated everything with moisture, and by night fell as a fine rain that turned low-lying parts of the garden to a bog. Did you mount to the roads on the high level you were in the clouds themselves; they trailed past you like smoke. There was no horizon seaward. At a little distance from the shore the grey water became one with a bank of vapour; the yellow cliffs vanished; suns neither rose nor set.

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The result was that Mary, too, grew fidgety: it was so unlike Richard to bottle himself up in this fashion. She began to be afraid he was afraid of her and of what she might say. So, one evening, as they sat together over book and needle, she herself broke the ice by asking him point-blank whether he regretted having settled in Leicester. For I can see the practice is not doing much in the meantime. Still . . . if you otherwise like the place . . .

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by Henry Handel Richardson

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