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We waited in the shed till it was getting on towards dusk, and then we got the cask out to Felixs, and left it swinging in a set of chain blocks in an out-house. Well, sir, I asked more than twice the pay hed promised, and when he gave it without a word I was certain he was afraid of me. I thought, Theres some secret about that cask and held be willing to pay to have it kept quiet. And then it occurred to me that if I could get hold of it, I could charge him my own price for its return. I didnt mean to steal it. I didnt, sir, honest. I only meant to keep it for a day or two till hed be willing to pay a reward.

Did you meet any one you knew?

Ginger said No, that three was too many for a job o that kind, an we talked on a while. Then I appened to look at Wattys beer standing there, an I wondered e hadnt been in for it.

He could now dimly reconstruct what had happened. Some one had placed a peculiar kind of ladder against the outside of the wall and presumably crossed it and opened the gate. The ladder had then been carried round and placed against the inside of the wall, but, probably by accident, opposite end up. The outside plaster was therefore clean but scraped, while that on the inside bore traces of the soil from the ends that had stood on the grass. In going out after barring the gate, he imagined the thief had pulled the ladder after him with a cord and passed it over the wall.

Pretty conclusive. It is evident that the forger did not know either your managing directors or your clerks initials. His knowledge was confined to the name Avery, and from your statement we can conceive Felix having just that amount of information.

The sergeant saluted and withdrew.

But if this theory were correct; if the carter had thus been bound over to silence, how was the man to be discovered and the truth wrung from him?

Thats all right, sir, said I, an I called to some o the boys, an we got the cask swung ashore an on to a four-wheeled dray Felix ad waiting. E ad two men with it, a big, strong fellow with red air an a smaller dark chap that drove. We turned east at the dock gates, an then went up Leman Street an on into a part o the city I didnt know.

And her hat? You didnt notice anything special about that.

He crossed the Place de Brouckre, and turned into the Place de la Monnaie. The box office of the theatre was open, and he interviewed the clerk, learning that Berliozs Les Troyens was given on the Wednesday night in question, as stated by M. Boirac. But a search for that gentlemans name through the list of that evenings bookings was unproductive, though, as the clerk pointed out, this did not mean that he was not present, but only that he had not reserved a seat.

Clever devil! he exclaimed. He knew that nothing but the absolute truth would put you off your guard. But well get him, M. La Touche. He cant get out of the city. By now, every route will be barred.

We will hear what you have to say.

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He questioned Mr. Bonchose exhaustively, but without learning anything fresh. His visitor had not seen the artist on the Wednesday or Thursday, and could not help towards the alibi. Finding that nothing was to be gained by further conversation, Clifford bowed the young man out, having promised to let him know how things progressed.

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He was thrilled with his discovery. For a moment the whole affair seemed clear, but once again second thoughts showed him there was a good deal still to be explained. However, once he had got rid of this Dubois, he would see just where he stood.

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We know how you brought out the cask to Mr. Felixs about eight oclock last night, and how, when you had left it there, you thought youd go back and see what chances there were of getting hold of it again. We know how you hid the dray in a field close by, and then went back down the lane and waited to see if anything would turn up. We know how you learnt the house was empty and that after Mr. Felix left you brought the dray back. We know all about your getting over the wall with the barrel loader, and forcing the coach-house door with the wheel-cap wrench. You see, we know the whole thing, so theres not the slightest use in your pretending ignorance.

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I was very annoyed by the turn things had taken, but I thought that after all it would not make much difference having given the address. I could go to the empty house in the morning as I had arranged.

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The lawyer nodded.

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The Inspector and his young acquaintance walked down the lane, stopping outside the little gate. The other three men posted themselves at various points in the grounds. And then they waited.

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I think so. No, wait a minute, was he? I believe, now that you mention it, there was a lady with him. You will understand I was not noticing particularly, as my mind was occupied with my work, but its like a dream to me, I saw him talking to a lady on the promenade deck.